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The Layover (2017)

2017 English. 88 Min.
Rating: 4.7


After countless lonely nights over a bottle of wine and "The Bachelor", the Seattle longtime friends, Kate, a high school English teacher, and Meg, an ambitious cosmetics saleswoman, are beginning to realise that they are going through a rough patch. To take a break, the pair will soon find themselves on an impromptu flight to Fort Lauderdale, seated next to the handsome blonde Ryan who is on his way to a friend's wedding. All of a sudden, the two best friends will get sucked into a destructive spiral of relentless competition and cut-throat one-upmanship with Ryan as the prize, especially when a Category 4 hurricane reroutes their flight to a St. Louis layover. They say all is fair in love and war; however, is Ryan worthy of Meg and Kate's years of friendship?.



David Hornsby (screenplay), Lance Krall (screenplay)


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